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for i in range(1,501):
  print str(i)+': I will never cheat on my test again'

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m an 18 year old Senior at Buckingham Charter Magnet High School. I love my school. This came up in a Skype conversation the other day:

Sam Purtill says: I’m going to stick it to the man until I die
Sam Purtill says: Or until I become the man
Sam Purtill says: I think I’ll be doing the latter

I currently work for OkapiStudio, an amazing design studio based out of Romania. Contact me if you would like to get in touch — sam (at) okapistudio (dot) com — UPDATE — I still work for Okapi, but I have started my own company now. More details in that will come in August 2007.

I know a few programming languages, my main being Flash (which I dream in), and my second being PHP/MySQL. I never picked up RoR. Others I know are CF, JavaScript, some RoR, SQL, CSS, XHTML, etc… I focus all my energy on learning Flash, mostly AMFPHP. — UPDATE — I don’t do much Flash anymore, but I can still help you if you have any problems. I have moved all my intellectual forces over to XHTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/Django/Ruby/Rails (not too much too handle)

I always forget where I parked the car, even if I had only parked it five minutes ago. I lose a pencil or pen every thirty seconds on average. I will drink out of anybody’s water bottle, even if I don’t know you; I don’t care about germs. I am useless when it comes to fixing a car. I prefer using my brain and pushing paper to manual labor. I’m on Facebook and only spend about an hour per week on it (as compared to 14 hours/week on Myspace). I don’t watch any TV except for occassional sporting events. I get lost in internet news, so I only subscribe to three blogs (scoble, mark cuban, signal vs noise). I work well with only one person on my team. Less is more. I can’t stand the NFL and NBA, and love the MLB and college football. And my room is super clean.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be a culmination of advice from my 10th grade English teacher and Warren Buffet: “The world belongs to readers; read everything.”



1. scott Roth - September 6, 2006

hey nice layout i love it it looks sweet

2. scott Roth - September 9, 2006

hey dude i want to get a blog/website goin’ on. 🙂

3. Veronica Coleman - September 14, 2006

OoOo….Sam… I get to post on your page… Ok so I do agree about the whole AP thing, but what you think about dating in high school is kinda, actually quite a bit, wrong. You should definitly change your view other wise you’ll become the old lady with all the cats… only male. Just think about that.

4. Jeremy - October 30, 2006

Wow. This is really gay.

5. Dan - November 26, 2006

I agree with Jeremy, this is really gay.

6. DR Pleau - February 6, 2007

^^- Mr. pre-con and Mr. magoo

7. Emote - February 26, 2007

Dude, that came up in our Skype conversation if I remember correctly. If you become the man I’ll be sticking it too you Sam. You don’t want me as an enemy. 😛

8. Melissa - February 27, 2007

Sam, you have too much time on your hands! Get to that piano playing. Don’t make me come over there and beat you with your flip flops!! You know I totally love you. 🙂

9. sdpurtill - February 28, 2007


Yeah dude, it was in our Skype convo 😀

10. sang sow wang wang - January 4, 2009

hey, man as long as you keep active and dont waste your time playing video games and stuff, you can find plenty of time to get a girlfriend AND be successful educational wise.besides….who wants to stay a virgin till their 30…..

11. Chris - May 20, 2009

ha well you sound like your going far dude, remember Chics are really cool. (whose Melissa? 🙂 ) haa a possible date for the ever pessimistic sam purtill? well i think you do have a little bit of too much time on your hands. but im weird i think that just the fact that im on some random blog i have to much time.lol aight well later, remember if you stop looking for something, one thing is for sure,

you won’t find it..

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