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Migration to 31fps.com complete March 14, 2007

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Ladies and gentlemen, sdpurtill.wordpress.com is no longer in commission. From here on out, I will be known as:



My view on Writing February 27, 2007

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I came across this quote today:

Anybody can say you can’t write. Let no one say you don’t.

This really sums up what I think about writing and blogging for myself. It’s kind of funny, I have been thinking about a post to write about my view on writing in these last few weeks; this said it all in one sentence.

I know I can’t write — I am terrible at it. I have always been an analytical/math kind of guy, but I know that I need to be able to write if I want to have a great job when I get older (i.e., CEO). This is the #1 reason why I have blog, it forces me to write (writing for school just doesn’t help me anymore). And I have found that the more I wrote, the faster I can write. I get better ideas, am able to organize my thoughts much faster, and it just gets easier and easier. The same has been true with me and reading.

I also created a new desktop background, and there are these two quotes on it:

Keep Fighting – Keep Running – Keep the Faith


An inventor is a man who asks “Why?” of the universe and lets nothing stand between the answer and his mind (Ayn Rand)

Ok back to my never ending to-do list 🙂

SF Giants Header Images for Regulus Theme February 14, 2007

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I just made a few header images for the Regulus Theme… If you’re a Giants fan, feel free to use any of them.


Baker Beach:

The Greatest Movie Ever February 9, 2007

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I’m watching my favorite movie ever right now: Fever Pitch. Definitely the greatest movie of all time ;)And I can’t wait for the Giants games to start!!

My New Way of Blogging January 30, 2007

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From now on, I’m only going to be blogging about things that I care about. Like, really care about. Technology, education, skiing, college, baseball, life lessons, quotes. No more posts about things I don’t care about and don’t know about. So what this means is: my posts will be really long(like Mark Cuban’s), passionate, and hopefully you’ll be able to learn something new from every post. No more restating things that everyone knows about. This also means I can only be blogging once every few days… I’ve already figured out that I’m not Robert Scoble and never will be.

So might as well switch it up now and start my own style.

I haven’t blogged much lately January 23, 2007

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Reason: I have to get a lot of work done. Also, been doing a lot of reading. I’ve realized that there are a few billion books in the world, so I am setting out to read .001% of them before I die. I love reading now, it’s amazing — the life’s work of one person can be summarized in 1,000 pages of text, and I find that mind blowing. What this means is: I can learn from the mistakes of others, I can learn from the findings of others, and I can aggregate more data and figure out my own opinions on things.

I have become a master with XHTML/CSS/JavaScript (yes, including *Ajax* whoop whoop!). I have (not bragging) actually become really good at these front end languages, I was surprised on how fast I picked up on CSS and JavaScript. And yes, all the pages I write are XHTML Strict DTD compliant :p 

I’ll blog more when my “big secret” will come out (that sounds kinda bad). Hopefully by the end of March we can get it out. The only clue I will give is: it will save a lot of people a lot of time — and that’s what I’m all about:

Make a more efficient world

Taking a break… December 18, 2006

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I won’t be blogging for the next few days (maybe even weeks). I have to get a lot of work done, and that tends to not happen when I am doing 2-3 posts per day.

Anyways, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Blogging in Tahoe! December 10, 2006

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I’ve been in Tahoe the last few days, it’s been ridiculously fun. It’s snowing right now, and I just got out of the spa… It was so great, we were in the spa and snow was just going crazy on us! Anyways, I’m out. Going back to the cabin to play some Mexican Train and read!

Does Technorati November 21, 2006

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Index WordPress blogs? I’m having trouble with it…

WordPress rules November 19, 2006

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I was just testing out Blogspot Beta (Google’s blog tool), and I can’t stand it! The only thing that I prefer with that is the fact that Google lets you change the CSS for free; everything else, WordPress rules. I have yet to test out TypePad (from SixApart) and BlogSmith (I haven’t been able to find out where to sign up for that actually). Anyways, the reason I originally switched to WordPress was because Scoble did. And guess what ? It was the smartest thing I ever did 😀