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I’m sort of weak… March 2, 2007

Posted by sdpurtill in Quotes.

Never been a big fan of working out, too much of a geek for that. So when my dad asks me to go to a concert to “protect” my sister, I kind of wonder if he takes into account how weak I am. This quote summarizes it, it was in a conversation with Andrei today

Sam Purtill says: Dude, I’m weaker than a grasshopper
Andrei Ostacie says: you got to serve and protect
Sam Purtill says: The most damage I can do to a person is hack their computers

Ahhh 😀



1. Alayna - March 2, 2007

You’re so lame, Sam. lol I have to admit that I could probably take you…hee hee And I have practically NO muscle mass…you better get on that!

2. Emote - March 4, 2007

AHAHAHAHAHA! That was hilarious. I literally laughed out loud when I read that. I have no muscle either. It’s all fat and brains.

3. One Badass MOFO - March 7, 2007

Dude, Sam, really…this is the worst thing i’ve ever read…..
pretty soon your going to show up at Thanksgiving with your pocket protector and high waters. Do your self a favor buy a membership to
the YMCA its much cheaper then a new computer and for Gods sake
take some creatine!!!!! This advice is GOLDEN! you can never be a CEO if you die at 30 because you never worked out!

think about that, my friend!

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