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My view on Writing February 27, 2007

Posted by sdpurtill in Blogging, Quotes.

I came across this quote today:

Anybody can say you can’t write. Let no one say you don’t.

This really sums up what I think about writing and blogging for myself. It’s kind of funny, I have been thinking about a post to write about my view on writing in these last few weeks; this said it all in one sentence.

I know I can’t write — I am terrible at it. I have always been an analytical/math kind of guy, but I know that I need to be able to write if I want to have a great job when I get older (i.e., CEO). This is the #1 reason why I have blog, it forces me to write (writing for school just doesn’t help me anymore). And I have found that the more I wrote, the faster I can write. I get better ideas, am able to organize my thoughts much faster, and it just gets easier and easier. The same has been true with me and reading.

I also created a new desktop background, and there are these two quotes on it:

Keep Fighting – Keep Running – Keep the Faith


An inventor is a man who asks “Why?” of the universe and lets nothing stand between the answer and his mind (Ayn Rand)

Ok back to my never ending to-do list 🙂


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