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My View on Software and the Google PC February 14, 2007

Posted by sdpurtill in Business, Google, Technology.

There are a few things that nobody will change my mind on. And how I see software is one of them. When I say software, I am talking about desktop software and online “software” (web applications).

  1. All software should be free
    • In some situations this is not possible for big companies like Sun, Microsoft, and Oracle to sustain their profitibility if this rule was standard. The only thing I have to say to companies with these models: the Future is coming, and it’s not going to be nice to you.
  2. I believe in open systems, especially when the user is generating the content. Data is data, and shouldn’t be bound by any program, operating system, or website.
    • When there is private information that is stored, that data should be handled diferrently. SSN and Credit Card #’s are not included in my definition of free data — it is too easy for someone to hack that and do something malicious.
  3. Business models should look like this:
    • Advertisements
    • Advertisements
    • Advertisements
    • 😉
  4. Security, security, security. This is an engineer’s #1 responsibility, everything else in an application falls below that as far as importance.
  5. In education, ALL SOFTWARE SHOULD BE FREE. No questions asked.

Those is one more thing that I have been thinking a lot about lately… Here is my prediction:

In the future, nobody is going to need to have hard drives inside their laptops/desktops. Everyone is going to have access to their own computer using Remote Desktop. Google is going to be the first company to test this out, since they are probably in the best position to try something like this. This is what computing will look like:

First off, nobody will have or need a Microsoft operating system. All the operating system on “home” computers will simply be modems that handle speeds of 100mbps, or whatever speed you want. So you will turn on your computer, and about 5 seconds after startup you will sign into your Google PC. You can access your Google PC from anywhere in the world; the only thing you will need is an internet connection, and in 15 years [insert time prediction], the entire world will be one big wireless network. Once you’ve signed into Google PC, it will load up your personal desktop. It will look exactly like your current computer does, except that it will be running on the Google OS (which will just be the current OS on their servers, but customized for useability and mass adoption). On the Google OS, you can do everything you currently do on Windows XP or a Mac (or even Linux). You can install new applications, and everything is, YOU GUESSED IT, 100% free and supported by advertisers. Speaking of great free applications, the MS Office killer, OpenOffice.org, is amazing. I already am highly recommending this application suite to everyone after using it for 3 days.

Why is this going to happen ? Because it needs to happen if everyone is going to be able to have a computer in their hands. With this new way of life, “desktop” computers, and “laptops” (all they would be is modems with a graphics card and a display) would be dirt cheap so that everyone could afford one. This, IMO, is the only way that Bill Gate’s dream of getting a PC to every person in the world, will be achieved. It’s the most cost effective way, and it makes the most sense once we have the infrastructure to support it (i.e., faster connections). And who wins out of all of this ?

Google and the Customer.

Sidenote: I’m going to Google on Thursday! I’m so excited, I would have never dreamt that this would happen a year ago… Ah, nothing as rewarding as the benefits of hard work 😉



1. Neuromancer - February 14, 2007

so do you work for free?

2. sdpurtill - February 15, 2007

Yeah, I actually do work for free… Founders don’t take salaries

3. nike - March 2, 2011

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