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Buying Music on iTunes — My Experiences February 9, 2007

Posted by sdpurtill in Advice, Life.

Recently, I’ve been buying all my music off of iTunes. I used to buy the CDs from Best Buy when they came out, but wow, after using iTunes, I’ll never go down to the store again. Talk about convenience! The only thing that I don’t get from iTunes is the little booklet that comes inside CDs you buy at the store. I kind of miss those, but in reality, I usually just look at them once and never pick them up again (especially the ones that don’t print the lyrics). I’ve bought over 100 songs on iTunes now (not much compared to a library of 1000+) and I am “hooked” on it, if you will. 

Most kids my age don’t bother to pay money for their music. They do have legitimate reasons:

  1. I make minimum wage — $8/hr
  2. LimeWire and BitTorrent are always free and easy
  3. Artists already have enough money, there’s no point in me giving them more
  4. I have ANTI-CAPITALIST tattooed on my arm! (I’ve seen a guy with this)
  5. I am so original that the bands I listen to aren’t on iTunes (only good excuse here)
  6. I like the band, but they aren’t worth my money (I used this excuse forever)

So here is my rebuttal to those excuses:

  1. You should have learned Ruby on Rails when you were in 8th grade. You would be making upwarsd of $80/hr now :p. No but seriously, learn a skill and charge money for it.
  2. I have downloaded hundreds of songs from LimeWire — almost all of it Rap music. I really don’t feel the need to support people that shoot eachother for “turf”… Hahaha
  3. They have a lot of money because they are talented, a lot of people like them, usually MTV made them, and I respect the fact that Viacom took the risk of making them. I’m not going to lie, I don’t have what it takes to build the next Viacom… Gotta respect “the man” 😉
  4. For everyone out there that is “anti-capitalistic”, I really pity you. Money makes the world go ’round, I’ve said this a million times over. You have to eat to live, and food doesn’t come out of heaven like it did in the days of Moses (manna :p)
  5. This is actually a good excuse. I don’t know what to say except… Those bands suck hahaha
  6. Quick solution to this problem: if they aren’t worth your money, they aren’t worth your time. The saying goes “time is money”, hence my reasoning behind that statement. I only buy music that I deem “worthy” of my money and [listening] time.

The reason why I prefer buying music to downloading it is because:

  1. Quality of paid for content always trumps illegally obtained content
  2. The Album Artwork is always right… Haha, I hate when Album Artwork is wrong
  3. When people at school are talking about all the songs they have been downloading, you can tell them how superior you are because you buy your music (hahaha juust kidding)
  4. YOU FEEL GOOD about the songs that you’ve bought when you listen to them. You aren’t thinking… Wow, I could actually get thrown in jail because I have this illegal content on my computer (I know, I know, chances of that are one in a billion). But, it’s a good feelinggg 😉

Moral of post: Buy Music on iTunes.


1. katie - February 14, 2007

wow I found many spelling errors. Perhaps you should learn to spell before ragging on teens about how much better being a nerd can make their life.

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