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My New Way of Blogging January 30, 2007

Posted by sdpurtill in Blogging.

From now on, I’m only going to be blogging about things that I care about. Like, really care about. Technology, education, skiing, college, baseball, life lessons, quotes. No more posts about things I don’t care about and don’t know about. So what this means is: my posts will be really long(like Mark Cuban’s), passionate, and hopefully you’ll be able to learn something new from every post. No more restating things that everyone knows about. This also means I can only be blogging once every few days… I’ve already figured out that I’m not Robert Scoble and never will be.

So might as well switch it up now and start my own style.


1. The Critic - January 30, 2007

Actually this may be the best thing you have decided to do for yourself, your blog and your readers. In the long run it may indeed increase your blogs overall post responses. In all honestly why would anyone want to blog about things that they are not interested in?

Best wishes to your future endeavor and if you ever want your blog critiqued just let me know by visiting my blog and let me know in the open invitation portion.

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