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I haven’t blogged much lately January 23, 2007

Posted by sdpurtill in Blogging, Life.

Reason: I have to get a lot of work done. Also, been doing a lot of reading. I’ve realized that there are a few billion books in the world, so I am setting out to read .001% of them before I die. I love reading now, it’s amazing — the life’s work of one person can be summarized in 1,000 pages of text, and I find that mind blowing. What this means is: I can learn from the mistakes of others, I can learn from the findings of others, and I can aggregate more data and figure out my own opinions on things.

I have become a master with XHTML/CSS/JavaScript (yes, including *Ajax* whoop whoop!). I have (not bragging) actually become really good at these front end languages, I was surprised on how fast I picked up on CSS and JavaScript. And yes, all the pages I write are XHTML Strict DTD compliant :p 

I’ll blog more when my “big secret” will come out (that sounds kinda bad). Hopefully by the end of March we can get it out. The only clue I will give is: it will save a lot of people a lot of time — and that’s what I’m all about:

Make a more efficient world



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