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Lucky January 16, 2007

Posted by sdpurtill in Life, Rants.

I watched this video with Warren Buffet about 6 times in this last week. I have also done a lot of thinking about my life ever since I watched that video. So anyways, here you go.

I am lucky.

I am lucky I was born in 1988, 18 years before the Web 2.0 boom began. Lucky I was born in Davis, California — a quiet, intellectual college town in Northern California. Lucky to have the parents that I have — to this day, I’ve never heard them fight. Lucky to have 2 brothers and 2 sisters who taught me how to share, how to lead, responsibility, and how to interact with people. Lucky to grow up with support from my entire family — my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and other “family” members like Nate Pina (my older brother) and his family.

I am lucky to be homeschooled by my Mom and Mrs. Washabaugh through 3rd grade, where I made my first best friend — Michael Washabaugh. Lucky to have been able to go to GVCA from 4th-8th grade; from an academic perspective, it would be hard for me to find another school in California as rigorous as that school. I credit all of my current “IQ” to the foundations that were laid down at that school. I am lucky to have had the friends that I did at that school — Eric Haynam, Jon Roby, Dwight Smith, and my best friend, since 5th grade, Travis Parker. I’ve been best friends with Travis for over 8 years now, and we’ve never been mad at eachother once. Lucky to have developed an above average EQ (the awareness of and ability to manage one’s emotions in a healthy and productive manner) while at GVCA also; it helped me so much down the road when I had to move to new places and make new friends.

I am lucky to have moved to Maryland in 2003. Lucky to make the friends that I did out there; there are three guys really mentored me that I still keep in close contact with today — Ben Tedesco, Edgard Gasca, and Hector Oropezah. Lucky for all the talks I had with Hector; I will never forget the one we had on the boardwalk at Ocean Beach, New Jersey. Hector told me of all the mistakes that he wish he would have never made, and he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t make those same decisions. Lucky enough to have a dad that cared enough about me to send me to private school (CLS) instead of public school. Lucky to have made all the friends out there that I still talk to today. Lucky to have Nate Pina out there with us to be my older brother and help me through that horrific winter.

I am lucky to have moved back to Vacaville, California (greatest city to grow up in ever). Lucky to go to The Father’s House church and Launch Camp that year (3 days after moving back) and meeting all the people I did there — it made the transition to Vacaville easy on us. Lucky for that whole summer; it was just so much fun — we were all still little kids; Josiah, Rob, Chris, Me, Nate, James. I am lucky to have been born with a love for technology, the internet, and most of all, Flash. Lucky for my tour of Odopod that inspired countless nights of learning more Flash. Lucky to have seen that learning programming languages would help me get a good job when I got older (it paid off faster than I expected, but I didn’t mind :p).

I am lucky to have been able to work for The Father’s House as their web developer. Without that job, I would have never become as good as I did at Flash. Lucky to have switched from Vaca High to Buckingham 1 week before my Sophomore year began. Lucky to have had Mrs. Oates as my English teacher in 10th grade; her class taught me a lot about myself — if I see a teacher put a lot of effort into teaching, I will return her effort with effort of my own in their class. This has remained true for everything I do; if I am motivated to do a good job on a certain project, I’ll do the best job you’ve ever seen. The flipside is the opposite; that’s just how I am built, and I don’t plan on changing it. Lucky for to have made all the friends I did that year — Megan, Joanna, Marco, etc… Buckingham is “no ordinary high school”; I love it.

I am lucky to have my dad, Uncle Jim, and Don Graham as people to talk to about business. Lucky for all the talks I’ve had with these guys about business and life in general — they helped me learn so much, and made it possible for me to avoid the mistakes that they made. These guys are the best mentors I could have asked for.

I am lucky for the friends I had during the summer of 2006 — Jeremy, James, Christy, and Cailey; I could have gone down so many wrong paths that summer, but it was theses friends who saved me. Lucky to have been able to become best friends with Cailey, the happiest girl I have ever known.

I am soo lucky to have met Okapi. Lucky for all the clients I landed under their name. Lucky for the business skills I gained as I managed each client. Lucky for Andrei and Gabi; two guys I have never met, but I talk to every day for about an hour (I will meet them soon!). Lucky enough to get a client called MonVia, which is the company that I am doing my startup under.

I am lucky to have teachers and a principal that let me go to school Monday and Wednesday of my Senior year in high school. Lucky to have started reading again Senior Year. Lucky for all the “mentors” I have but will probably never meet — Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, and Ayn Rand. Lucky to have a teacher that I realized was a real human being, Mr. Robbins; we’ve had countless talks that I have grown from.

I am lucky to work with Jorge Fernandes, Mani Kulasooriya, and Jim O’Connor. These guys have taught me so much about Silicon Valley and how the entire industry works; no University or business school in the world would be able to give me the knowledge I have today from all the experiences I have had with them in the last 6 months.

I am lucky to have had an idea for a startup that began at the beginning of 2006, thanks to the book Getting Real by 37signals. Lucky to be able to have the right skill set needed for a startup (thanks to all the programming I did starting at age 11). Lucky for the much needed support I have gotten from everyone on it. [will there be a “lucky” statement about the company here soon? :)]

I am lucky for my Grandparents who let me stay at their house any time I want, and (this is the best part) wait on me in the mornings so they can get me breakfast. Lucky for aunts and uncles that will open their house for me any time I need to stay in The Valley. Lucky for Brent and Mary-Anne and all the help they were in applying to Stanford and Santa Clara.

I am lucky that I am born in a market economy that pays off well for guys wired like me; like Warren Buffet says — “If I was stuck on a desert island with a bunch of other people, I’d be useless. The most useful person in that situation would be, say, a rice farmer. I can allocate capital, but that doesn’t matter in a situation like that.” Lucky that I wasn’t born 4,000 years ago — I would be some animals lunch.

I am lucky.

If I “had to do it all over again”, as Buffet says, I would just ask to be lucky.

When so many things went right when they could have gone wrong, I can only be optomistic towards the future and say… Thank you God. I didn’t deserve any of this.

And if I left anyone out, don’t be offended. It’s 1:30am and my brain shutdown two hours ago.Thanks



1. Aunt Martha - January 18, 2007

Sam –

Good post! We all feel lucky to have you in OUR lives as well. You are a great kid and so much fun to be around.


2. alayna - January 19, 2007

I was waiting to hear about God…”luck” often gets all the credit, but it’s all God’s doing. I’m glad you feel grateful sam for everything you have…that’s so great. too many people take the blessed lives they have for granted. and by the way, if you’ve worked for this life, then you definitely deserve it! You’re giving everyone else credit…i know you did some of it too, mister! haha

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