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I am speechless December 29, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Google, Technology.

Technology doesn’t surprise me anymore. I’m not wowed by all the new advances we have made in robotics in the last 10 years, I’m not wowed by the Nintendo Wii’s motion sensing technology, quite simply, technology has become too norm for me to think much of it. But five minutes ago, something just happened… That wowed the hell out of me.

Go to google.com/maps. Do a Find Business search for say, Borders near Mountain View, CA (I’m at Monvia right now). So all the results come up with a little link “call” next to the business telephone numbers. At first I was like, Yeah Right, Google can’t make my phone call a business. So I tried it out. This is where the crazy part comes in:

My phone gets called by a 650 number (local), so I answer it. On my computer screen, it says “Connected, now calling the business”. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all in real time. I connected to the Borders in Palo Alto, asked them how long they’d be open, and hung up. Now that is what I call convenience.

I am speechless.

Google: if you were a girl, I would marry you.


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