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I am no Democrat, but John Edwards gets my vote December 29, 2006

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First of all, there is no Libertarian candidate up for the 08 election, so I am free to vote for whoever I want. By upbringing, I am very conservative; but let me tell you why John Edwards already has my vote for the 2008 election.

#1 – He announced that he is running on YouTube
How effing cool is that? Obviously you have some campaign managers that know what is going on in the world
#2 – Robert Scoble was invited to go and follow his campaign
Yes — THE Scobleizer, is on the road right now covering the campaign. Again, how effing cool is that?
#3 – He is on Facebook
#4 – He is on Myspace
#5 – He is on Flickr
#6 – His campaign managers must understand the word Web 2.0…
#7 – He takes pictures of himself helping to rebuild New Orleans with little kids with shovels in the background
Ok, that’s just a fat joke… That’s a reason I wouldn’t vote for him — Mark Cuban’s post on this.

And for those reasons, he has my vote. Now, if any Republican (like McCain) hires a campaign manager that has a clue about Web 2.0, I’ll vote for him instead, simply because I’d rather see a Republican in office.

Thank you John Edwards, you have my vote.


1. Roger Whidson - December 29, 2006

He’s bad ass. He gets it.

2. Roger Whidson - December 29, 2006

He’s bad ass. He gets it. I’m in.

3. Minor Ripper - December 29, 2006

I think Edwards is great but I just don’t know what has changed since 2004 except that he is two years older. The more I think about the Dems in 2008, the more I think the nomination is Al Gore’s to lose: he was robbed in 2000, has been consistently right on Iraq (unlike Hillary), and will not have a problem with either cash or name recognition… I wrote a story on this at http://www.minor-ripper.blogspot.com

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