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Further solidifying my hatred towards Microsoft December 18, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Microsoft, Web 2.0.

Ok, I said I was done blogging. But this deserves a post. This is one of the IE devs answering the question about why IE7 doesn’t support the CSS generated content tag. Link here


As we have stated before we did not get to generated content in this release. It is something we want to get to in a future release. In IE7 we prioritised our work to fix issues with teh IE6 implementation of CSS adn added support for selectors and fixed positioning. We know we have more work to do in this area and are looking forward to it. Generated content is a major work item but definitely something we want to get to.



Dave/Microsoft: DON’T RELEASE IE7 UNTIL YOU GET THINGS RIGHT. News flash — when releasing DESKTOP PRODUCTS, you can’t be Microsoft and release a “beta” version for three reasons:

  1. You’re Microsoft
    Old people download your crap whenever you tell them to. Tell them to when you’re DONE and all the BUGS ARE FIXED
  2. IE7 isn’t a WEB APPLICATION
    You’re not Google! You don’t have the luxury of releasing Beta 1.0.1, Beta 1.4.65, Beta 1.6.2, and 5 years later, Beta 1.7.7. This is a ONE TIME downloaded APPLICATION that users run off of their computers. I know you guys go to bed every night and cry on your pillows wishing you could have half the brain that Sergey or Larry have, but the fact is YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T. You’re so out of touch with reality that your headquarters are in WASHINGTON, which is actually 14 hours north of the place where innovation is actually instantiated; Silicon Valley.
  3. Do you want developer friends?
    Or have you guys just given up on all the talented developers? Generalized statement, but hey, it’s pretty much true — they’ve all switched to Linux by now.

I am going to install Linux on my IBM T60. Microsoft: you just lost another customer; but this one’s not switching to Apple OS.

This post is due to the fact that I am doing some web dev work, and I just can’t stand how Microsoft forces Internet Explorer onto everyone, especially the latest version of IE7. Have you guys [MS] ever heard of WEB STANDARDS? Or do you still think it’s 1990 and you can make up your own rules? I hope Google comes out with an OS soon; 100% free and 100% supported by AdWords… That’ll be the day 🙂

Ok, done blogging for the next few days/weeks… This time I’m serious.


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