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Uh oh… I’m an adult in 5 hours 30 minutes December 6, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Life.

Dang it… Well, here’s a poem of all the things I can and can’t do 🙂

18 things to do when you turn 18

You can drive your car long after midnight
You can go dancing in clubs on 18-plus night
You can scratch a lottery ticket, and see if you’ve won
Go to the track and watch the dogs run.
You can be tried as an adult if you commit a crime,
And instead of community service, you might serve time.
You can cast your vote in the November elections…
And no longer whine about others’ selections.
You can buy tobacco products, if you want, at the store
Write your own dismissal note, and walk out the door.
If you happen to be in Montreal…
Sit down and order a drink, and have a ball.
You can join the Army, the Navy, and the Marines
Or the Air Force and fly their crafty machines.
You can get your license if you haven’t taken drivers ed.
And with your sweetheart you can wed.
You can work at your job, until late at night,
Go sky diving, and enjoy the sight.
Take out a credit card if you will,
But don’t cry when you see the bill.
You can have a checking account of your own
And if you need it, take out a loan.
And most of all have some fun,
Because your adult years have just begun!

by Jennifer Polito and Crystal Power


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