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Green Card energy drink is genius November 15, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Business.

This is the perfect energy drink right now. There’s already the three big drinks monopolizing the energy drink landscape: RedBull, Monster, and Rockstar (which is the best). So why not come out with an energy drink that is 1) racist 2) controversial and 3) hilarious… Perfect timing. I just showed this drink

Green Card Energy Drink

to a bunch of kids in my AP class, and EVERYONE wants to try it. If this thing tastes good, it could become so popular it’s not even funny. Maybe even do some sponsorships, have contests of who can get over the border the fastest and give them as much Green Card Energy drink as they can consume. It will just stir up more controversy, which is a market’s dream; free publicity.

I need to find out where they’re selling cases of it… I’m about to open up a store, call it “Mexican Border Supply,” and stock Green Card Energy drinks and fake green cards.

Hahahaha… Ok just FYI I love Mexicans, Marco’s the coolest kid at school. 😀


1. Jose' - November 16, 2006

Sam I just wanted to say I read this and I am extraordinarily offended. I myself am “a border hopper” as your racist ass would probably refer to me as. I just wanted to let you know I think you are sick and twisted individual who needs to be knifed in the back from one of my vatos.


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