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Scrybe October 22, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Flash.

Scrybe. It seems like everybody (Scoble = blogosphere buzz) is talking about this new app, even though it hasn’t come out. I must admit, I can’t wait to get to try it out.

One thing I noticed while watching the demo video is that Scrybe is 100% IN FLASH. Yep. And it looks like Scrybe is going to be the most powerful personal organizer ever created. Oh yeah, it’s not in Ruby on Rails either ! Flash has evolved so much since I began using it with Flash 6. Companies are starting to see it’s potential, and tapping in to the power of ActionScript.

Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia was a genius move (even though I still hate them). Adobe has literally cornered the commercial market for the internet. Aside from Open Source programs, I don’t know any good web developer that doesn’t use Adobe products for their work. And yes, I’m saying that everyone that uses MS FrontPage is a terrible developer (don’t ever come looking for a job from me if you use that program).

New site for Okapi is coming out very soon, working hard on that and some other projects.



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