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Firefox 2 crashing ! October 9, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Technology.

Shoot, it’s starting to remind me of… IE !!! It’s crashed 4 times today since I installed it. The problem appears to be when I hit ctrl+t to open up a new tab; it just freezes and I have to end the process. Bleh ! I’ll just wait for the real FF2 release comes out and keep using this… er… Microsofty version of it lol



1. Fish - October 31, 2006

I’m having exactly the same problem with the final release of FF2!
really annoying, hope it gets resolved soon.

2. Nerve - November 18, 2006

mine just locks up, I can’t even tell there is a problem until I realize a page is taking way to long to load, then I click the app and I will get Not Responding


3. Echel - November 18, 2006

Yeah! same here 😦 And now that I’m forced to use IE7, I don’t find it that bad at all … I only miss contextual search (ctrl-f) … πŸ™‚

4. severenz - December 4, 2006

I’m having the same issue. I hope this bug is logged on Firefox’s dev site. I just built a brand new box and had this happening from the get-go. My old machine also had problems with this version — no sound in YouTube/flash.

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