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Stuff this week October 5, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Life.

So this week has been somewhat uneventful, but yesterday my eyes were opened.

I went to Lowe’s and picked up some sheetrock for Uncle Jim… I was driving in my uncle’s small pickup, and I kept looking back afraid that the sheetrock was going to slide off the truck; well… You guessed it… I was at a stop light on E Monte Vista, and as soon as the light turned green, I hit the acceleration. I heard a thud outside. . . Oh no, that’s not coming from the sheetrock in the back of my truck, that’s someone else. . . I’ve got better luck than that . . . I just pushed the sheetrock up on the stop light, there’s no way it fell . . . Well sure enough, it fell out. I looked back and watched the line of cars behind me swerving to dodge it. I turned around and went as fast as I could to go pick it back up. A van behind me had turned around too, and was following me. As soon as I got to the scene, I hopped out of my car, only to be greeted by two Mexicans who were already picking up the sheetrock. I was amazed, I had never seen anything like it. They helped me put all the sheetrock back into my car, and tied everything up so it wouldn’t fall out again… And they didn’t even ask for money. I gave them some, just because I was so grateful. Before I left, one of the guys stuck his hand out and said “Hi, I’m Arny”, so I introduced myself to him and we talked a little.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Crash, but it reminded me of that movie. I must admit, I am racist against illegals a lot of times; it is just not fair for anyone to let them in (but that’s another story). But I realized that they were just regular people, and extremely hard working and kind. So yeah. That was my eye opener for this week.

Live and learn.



1. oxygengirl - October 5, 2006

I don’t really make a big fuss about illegal immigrants if they obey the laws, because they do work hard to support their families…Although most do not pay taxes. My issue lies with the border itself because I’m afraid that it is a very weak region of our country. What is exactly keeping terrorists out of the country? Oh well, that’s only my opinion. I’m glad you could learn something and you’re very fortunate to get your sheet rock back without too much trouble.

2. Mario Landeros - October 5, 2006

On my way to U-Haul this summer a couch fell out of my dad’s truck. It happened at the corner of Allison and E Monte Vista. Your story has now convinced me that E Monte Vista is the Bermuda Triangle of stuff falling out of the back of trucks.

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