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If I could go back to 9th grade October 5, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Advice, High School.

This is what I’d do

#1 – I wish I would have gotten really good grades and kept on caring about school like I did at GVCA. After 8th grade, I didn’t care about school whatsoever. I did the minimum possible to still get A’s and B’s on the report card. I’ve learned very little in school since 8th grade. Seriously.
#2 – I wish I had read soo many more books. And not just technical books; books on philosophy, books on analyzing people, books on sales, novels, etc…
#3 – I wish I could be a really good Christian; its soo hard for me. I have everything I want and most of the time I feel like I have no need for God
#4 – I wish I had never listened to Eminem. I haven’t listened to him for a few months, but I used to play his stuff religiously.
#5 – I wish that I would have focused on Flash. I could probably be one of the best Flash developers in the world right now. Instead, I wasted my time with friends.

There’s a ton of things that I wouldn’t take back though. I’ve learned a lot since 9th grade, and I have so much more to learn. They say “the more you know, the less you know”, and I totally agree.

Right now, the only thing I want to learn in school is Spanish. It’s a reality that there are millions of Mexicans coming into California; anyone with half a brain and a 5th grade education could just imagine the economic opportunities possible if they could harness the power of this new population.


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