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You’re pushing my buttons… By not pushing yours September 23, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Advice, Rants.

All it is is a tiny little green button with an icon of a phone on it. Yes, I’m talking about the “answer” button on your cell phone. You own a “mobile” phone so that you can answer it when you are mobile, or not in the vicinity of your land connection. And when I call you on that mobile phone, I expect you to answer it every time.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people that never answer their cell phones… As in the people you can count on to not answer them. Um… What’s the point of you having a cell phone if you’re not going to answer it? It’s so easy, even if you’re busy, just click the answer button and let the person know you’ll call them back later. But voicemail, everytime ? That isn’t going to land you a job for a new client, now is it ? That’s not going to instill any sense of responsibility you have to your parents, will it ? The answer is only two letters long — NO.

I am willing to make exceptions though, here is a list of a few:

#1 – If you’re in a meeting with an important person. People that aren’t important, tell them to hold on for a sec and take the call
#2 – If you are drunk or at a party. Self explanatory I think…
#3 – You’re skiing
#4 – You’re with your girlfriend… Haha JUST KIDDING. Tell your girlfriend to shutup and answer your phone.
#5 – If you’re making a bunch of money doing something, and don’t want to be interrupted. Money is more important. Period.
#6 – If you’re in church… Every time there is an altar call, without exception, somebody’s phone goes off. Turn off your stupid phone while you’re in church, come on, have some respect for God…

Yeah so those are just a few good reasons.

I’ll be down in Mountain View again this weekend, another meeting. Like always, call me if you’d like to say hi or something. My cell phone is always posted online 🙂



1. Aunt Martha - September 25, 2006

Sam – I think you need to rethink #1. At work, I ALWAYS let a live person in front of me take precedence over the phone. Grandpa taught me this and he is very right in practice. It makes those who are low on the totem pole believe that I am valuing them as employees and people. This goes a very long way. Think big picture with people….everyone is important and those underneath you can make or break your career or a deal. Now hanging with your friends vs business could be another story………………….

2. sdpurtill - September 26, 2006

Haha… Ok ok! I totally agree with you, but in a situation when you’re with friends and one of your clients calls, I will ALWAYS drop whatever I’m doing and run to a quiet room…

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