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Petition for a 36 hour day! September 20, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in High School, Rants.

There simply is not enough time to get everything in a 24 hour day. Here is my schedule Mon-Thursday (Fri-Sun are super productive days)

6:30am: wake up/shower/breakfast
7:00am: turn on laptop, get on skype, open outlook, check mail
7:30am: watch the latest rocketboom while packing my backpack for school
7:45am: leave for school

2:30pm: get out of school
2:45pm: get home, unpack everything, get a water bottle from the fridge and start drinking
3:00pm: open laptop up and download all emails for work. start work
6:30pm: after working for 3 and a half hours, i realize i won’t be able to get enough work done because i have to go to dinner/gym/[ytot]/[tim’s pg]/meeting
7:00pm: dinner/relaxation
8:00pm: work work work
11:00pm: i check backpackit.com for the homework assignments in my to-do lists and realize i have too much. so i do my homework until 12:30am
1:00am: sit and realize that there’s not enough time in one day to get everything done. maybe i should homeschool… my buddy mark griffo did…
1:30am: start reading one of my books (current one is the fountainhead)
2:30am: sleeeeeeeeeep! good ol’ sleep.

NOW… I do understand that there are moments and minutes where I could slip in a bit more productivity; but still, there is no way I can get everything done. Whatever, I’ll just plow through all the work ahead of me untill I’m finished with it.

Speaking of no time to do anything else, I decided to give back to the community. I created the UC Davis Aggies Football schedule on Google Calendar. I’ll post when I’m going to be at one of the games, hope to see you there ! Click the little Google Calendar icon to get it…



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