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Justin Timberlake’s new cd is like crack cocaine September 20, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Music.

I’m addicted!!!

By FAR the best album of the year… My favorite songs are #4 “My Love” and #6 “What Goes Around…/…Comes Around Interlude”

You might be saying… What’s wrong with you ? You’re a guy saying Justin Timberlake’s new cd is amazing… Nope, that’s not gay. I promise. So if you’re a guy and afraid to go out and buy it because of what other people will think of you, don’t worry, it’s not gay at all. Nate, Jeremy and I bought the album ok ? Hahaha


1. Landeros - September 20, 2006

I am in the same club too! The I’m a guy and I like Justin Timberlake’s club. Let me clarify that it is his music I like. My favorite song on the album is “Losing My Way”.

2. sdpurtill - September 20, 2006

For what it’s worth, your “coolness” meter just went waaay up Mr. Landeros :p… Yeah that song’s awesome, I’m listening to it right now. Is it the story of your life or something ? Hahahaha just playin’

To those of you that don’t know Landeros, he’s my English 12 teacher. Now that’s 21st century; a teacher commenting on a student’s blog post.

Good stuff.

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