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An idea for Google, what do you think ? September 20, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Google.

Google should come out with an application that is basically a repository of Calendars that are organized by interests and location. So people in San Francisco that are interested in volleyball would always know where the next local grass doubles tourney would be… People in Sacramento interested in skiing would always know when special days are for resorts, deadlines for season passes, etc… Do you think this would work out ? Ever since I made the UCD Aggies Football calendar, I’ve been wanting something like this.

It would be a big hit for teens I think, so we’d know what’s going on around the area on weekends. Everyone is always complaining “there’s nothing to do.” Log into your Google account and load up all your local events calendars; you are bound to find something to do.

And for anyone that has built/is building this application, let me know. It’s a great idea… Hard to monetize it though.



1. hscottroth - September 21, 2006

hey sam check out my blog. i got some questions for ya


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