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I hate ASP and ColdFusion September 18, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in PHP, Technology.

With a passion. And here are my reasons:

Which means they all have terrible communities backing them. I get responses to any PHP or Ruby on Rails question in less than 5 minutes when I ask; when I ask a question about CF, it takes up to a DAY to get it answered. This is not to say that every language that isn’t open source sucks; Flash has an amazing community that backs it. I love guys like kglad, rothrock, NSurveyor who post like 10x a day on the Adobe forums. I used to post a lot, but stopped when Adobe bought MM.

#2- They SUCK
PHP is SO much faster than both these languages. Ok ok ok, for anyone that doesn’t believe me, look at the loading time between facebook and myspace… Uh… No contest! Facebook is 20x faster, and I’ve NEVER received an error on facebook. To people saying “myspace has so many more users,” um, facebook is the #1 photo hosting website in the WORLD. That’s right, the WORLD. Ahead of Flickr, Photobucket and ImageShack. Yeah, so apparently PHP has saved them a lot of wasted bandwidth.

#3- MySQL is faster than Jeff Gordon
Paying for a database is just a waste of money; MySQL is sooooooooooo fast. I don’t even know what else to say about this.

#4- YES, I’m generalizing
Because I have no regard for either of these languages. I never want to learn ASP or ASP.net, and I never want to write another line of CF again!
#5- Hosting PHP/Rails is SOO much cheaper
And we live in the world, where everything revolves around MONEY!

If ASP or ColdFusion want to become dominant languages, they need to become 1) free and 2) faster to load… I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’m just throwing out a suggestion.

What made me write this post? APEXVS.COM IS THE SLOWEST WEBSITE EVER. I have two AP classes on it, and it’s all done in ASPX. And BLEH! I’m so sick of waiting 30 seconds for a page to load on my wireless-n connection!

Screw ASP and ColdFusion.



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