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Some great comments on Scoble’s latest “controversial” post September 15, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Microsoft, Scoble.

I was scanning through some comments on one of Scoble’s latest blog entries: “Is Apple copying Microsoft?”

This one stuck out to me, too bad the writer was anonymous

Microsoft doesn’t only copy Apple. Microsoft copies Netscape, and Palm, and Sony, and Google and Symantec. And I’m forgetting so many, many more. The problem is that while the others innovate, Microsoft copies poorly. Then it leverages Windows to bundle and uses exclusionary licensing with OEMs to stop competitors from bundling or, in Netscape’s case, from even having a chance at the OEM channel.

Can’t be stated much better… And then to top it off, this comment!!!

It’s true. Microsoft don’t always copy Apple. Look at the Zune. Looks like crap. Looks like a kid’s plastic toy. I guess style comes from the top. And in this case that’d be Steve Ballmer. Enough said.

“If anyone ever tells me again that Microsoft only copies Apple I’m gonna puke.”

That is true. They don’t only copy Apple. They also copy Google, Yahoo!… oh way too many others to mention. Just look at how many times you see news stories about Microsoft releasing their version of something someone else has done. Microsoft is the new Xerox.



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