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The Microsoft Zune is a failure, already September 14, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Business.

Packaging is everything. Anna Nicole Smith is stupider than a rock, but she’s hot (or used to be) and she sold. The iPod became a smash hit because it looks good, it’s sexy. Looking at pictures of the new Microsoft Zune? For Microsoft to be successful with the Zune, this is what they need to do

Fire all their designers. Every single one of them. They all suck, and the UIs the make are pitiful. Go down to San Francisco and hire a bunch of extreeeemely creative guys. Cause Redmond is full of nerds, not designers.

Go back to the drawing board, with Zune AND Windows Media Player. The fact of the matter is WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER SUCKS. I don’t care what you think about it. It doesn’t hold a candle to iTunes or the iTunes Music Store. Not only is the Zune media player incredibly ugly (and a terrible attempt to copy the iPod) but combine it with Windows Media Player, and that’s what I call a recipe for DISASTER.

Well, I hope Microsoft takes my advice. It won’t look too good on their quarterly reports: -$500mm in development/manufacturing/marketing costs of a TERRIBLE PRODUCT.
But hey, I wish Microsoft luck.


1. Nate - September 14, 2006

That is 1 fugly piece of $hit nigga I wouldn’t buy that over an ipod any day. Windows media player just aint BALLIN compared to itunes so pretty much the ipod is LEGIT and windows is a buncha copy cattin niggaz

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