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20-30 hours of work devoted to one class each week? September 14, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in High School, Rants.

This must be a typo… Or some type of sick joke. I’m taking two AP classes this year, and in the course description for one of them I quote it –

“Students are expected to spend at least 20 to 30 hours a week or more for this course and it is because it is an Advanced Placement or college level course, and during the short summer the semester is cut in half. “

Ok, there is absolutely NO way that this can be right. You couldn’t make me devote more than 30 hours a week to all of school; much less one class… That’s 30 hours that you could be learning something relevant. Learning a new programming language, writing up marketing plans, developing a start up. Come on, this is just pushing it. 30 hours devoted to one class ? My parents work 40 hour weeks, and you expect me to take 6 hard classes. That would be 180 hours a week devoted to school. Never. Ever. Ever. Maybe 18 hours… Now that’s reasonable.

I think what my entire reason for posting all these blogs about high schools comes down to this: I want applicable real world lessons from my classes and teachers.

I’m going to be presenting some stuff to Will C. Wood’s Student Government class in a few weeks about technology, apparently they are looking to bring their school up to date! I can’t wait.



1. hsczp9 - September 14, 2006

just cause it’s AP doesnt mean anythin, they may say do 30+hours, but thats for the kids that need that extra time to understand…
id go with 5 hours a week, that sounds about right…
whats the class anyway?
AP classes are good only if you get dualcredit through another university…
those tests usually suck ass.

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