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Dating in high school September 5, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Girls, High School, Rants.

Retrospectively, I completely agree with my dad’s advice to not date in high school. But hind sight is 20/20. And speaking of vision, I need to get some glasses; it’s hard to drive when you can’t see the road signs until they’re 10 feet in front of you :p…

But seriously, I find dating in high school to be one of the stupidest things ever. I am passionately against it. I know of only two couples that dated all through high school and got married. I don’t think I’m being pessemistic about these relationships; I think I’m just being realistic. I try being objectional objective and listen to my friends who are dating, but the more and more I see these relationships fall apart, the more and more I know my view of it is right.

Here’s a list of my reasons why dating is a waste of time in high school

#1 – It’s a waste of time

All the time that you could be learning, gaining an edge on everyone else in life. While they’re out wasting their time with their partners, you are free to learn anything! Oh the possibilities… You could become a senior web developer, an award winning designer, an architect, a writer for the newspaper. All this time could be spent towards something that has relevant to your life after high school.

#2 – It’s such a waste of money

Unless you’re making $100 an hour, then you have no business taking a girl on extravagent dates. Spending your life savings on your girlfriend’s birthday present is stupider than spending it on weed. Well maybe not, but they’re both just as stupid. The worst is when a girl is waiting to break up with the guy, but “only after my birthday.” I have a friend who did that, she got a Tiffany necklace and then broke up with him 3 days later. Smart move buddy, should have spent that $500 on yourself.

#3 – It’s a waste of emotions

Emotions that you can’t get back. Ok this is getting kind of gay, enough said about that.

#4 – You lose all of your friends

This is true about almost any relationship; the couple ditches everyone else so they can spend that precious time with eachother. Oh, did I mention that all that time was a waste ? If you’ve got close enough friends, then they’ll accept you back when you’ve broken up with your “lover.” Psh. Writing this makes me hate high school dating even more.

#5 – It’s suuuuuuuch a waste of money

Money that you could invest. Money that you could pay for college with. Money that you could buy a car with. Money that you could open a company with. Money makes the world go ’round, not your stupid girlfriend.

Ok I’m done. The list is much longer, but I’m too tired to embellish. Those are my 5 main points, and I’ll always stick by them. Because in the end, I’ll be right every single time.



1. phil - September 8, 2006

nice…. couldnt agree more man. almost the same in college….. except you have even LESS money

2. Shipps - September 11, 2006

Too true, I could give you the epitome of one of the worst high school couple’s, who follow along this so well that you’d think it was written about them.

3. Nate - September 16, 2006

Wow, I found this very insiteful. Thanks Sam for doing such a great job. This really changed my whole life long point of view on dating in general. You touched me in a way I’ve never been touched before.
Thank you..


4. Nate - September 16, 2006

I forgot to add… was this directed in dating females? Or also men because I think some of us need advice in the men section part

5. ttparker - September 16, 2006

couldnt agree more…

6. A guy who says you aren't right every single time. - September 19, 2006

Do you think Dating in High School is stupid cause you couldn’t get a girlfriend? And besides, the money problem is easily fixed if you don’t have a job. Just get good grades and crap and ask your parents if you can borrow money. Also it IS possible to learn things like becoming a senior web designer, architect, and award winning designer while maintaining a relationship. You have PLENTY of time in the world. It’s not like your spending 24 hours a day with a girlfriend. Half the day your at school, and the other half your at home monkeying about or doing homework. Plus there’s something called THE WEEKEND when you can spend forever with a girlfriend. And why would you lose your friends? My friend has a girlfriend and we still hang out. Also, what is with #3 “It’s a waste of emotions?” Are you some gothic kind of guy who seculdes himself from everyone?

Now to scan over your 5 points…

1)”It’s a Waste of Time.”
Dude, I don’t know what your definition of wasting time is, but that’s not true. Life is short so live it. Also, even if you become a famous architect or whatever will you truly be happy?

2)”IT’s such a waste of money.”
Just get good grades to increase your chances of getting money when you ask your parents if you could borrow cash. And you don’t have to spend 100 dollars on something you could just watch a movie or something. 12 Dollars. Big deal. And the reason your friend bought the Tiffany Necklace for his girlfriend is because he cares about her. Something you gothic people can’t do. It’s not like he can tell she was gonna break up with him.

3)”It’s a waste of emotions.”
Seriously, what’s wrong with you? Are you some gothic anti-social person?

4)”You Lose All Your Friends.”
Seriously, if my friends didn’t want to be friends with me anymore just cause I love a wonderful girl, then they’re not good friends at all. Good friends support you.

5)”It’s suuuuuuch a waste of money”
Dude, by repeating #2, it shows that you don’t have a list.

Also, you can’t be right every single time. If you were, then you’d be the Pope, which I highly doubt, you are. Dating in High school teaches you how to date when you get older. Seriously though, I think your just writing this because you can’t get a girlfriend.

7. sdpurtill - September 19, 2006

Hahahaha great comment… No I’m not a gothic recluse, I’ve got more friends than I have time for. And no, I don’t believe that you can become great at anything with something sidetracking you. There’s a difference between good and great. Greatness is perfection.

Do you know me or something ? How’d you know that thing about the Tiffany Necklace hahaha… Josiah did that.

And depends what type of girlfriend you have when it comes to money. Some you have to go all out and dump a load of money on. Others are happy for ice cream or something small.

And no, this post wasn’t out of spite. I’ve had a few gfs in HS, and I wish I had never dated. I wish I had just spent all the time with my friends and not with a girl exclusively. Wasted a lot of potential friendships, time to learn, time to become greeeaat at something.

Good stuff though, you make great points.

8. A guy who says you aren't right every single time. - September 19, 2006

You know, I sounded like an ass in that comment. Which I am actually. Sorry, just randomly bored. And i knew about the Tiffany Necklace cause you pointed it out…. Also, there isn’t such thing as perfection. Plus, if you have someone that really loves you then it doesn’t matter if you become great or not.

You know what true love is? It’s when your in a movie theater and you crap yourself and she cleans you up. Now that’s true (odd, but true) love.

You know what, scratch that. I should be monkeying about right now.

9. kerry - September 22, 2006

I think the idea here is don’t get a stupid girlfriend. A smart one would be realistic enough to know that both involved in the relationship aren’t rich, thoughtful enough to let you spend time with your friends, and encouraging enough to get you to do things you love (senior web designer, architect, journalist). I don’t think a lot of people are mature enough for that in highschool, though.

Kassie - November 18, 2011


10. Linda - August 18, 2008

Wow! You are very angry. High School dating is not for everyone but as one of those people who dated in High School and has now been married to that same person for 22 years, you may have missed the boat. My son is now in High School and when I read this, I was bothered. Both my husband and I are very successful and happy. Take my advise, don’t rule out dating completely. It was the greatest time for us and it continues today. Our goals worked together and the end result has been great. I wouldn’t have changed my dating for a thing. Sorry your experience was so bad, but don’t try to ruin it for others like my son, who read this stuff and question if they should date. Look inside yourself and don’t write everyone else off. Maybe you just weren’t mature enough at the time but it could have been your greatest loss and you can’t measure that in monetary terms. Your article just makes you sound bitter. Sorry!!!

11. jeebus - October 2, 2008


12. yuppoc nim - October 7, 2008

That had to be one of the best comments that I’ve ever seen. Everything about it says intelligence and detailed thinking. Beautiful.

13. Mr Butt Pube - October 13, 2008

Butt pubes

14. jake - December 19, 2008

Thanks everyone now I’m freakin out if it is a good idea or not to stay with this girl I have been with for three years, and we are still in High School. I love her but from what everyone is saying it is making me very confused. I still love her but I’d really like some more advice. Thanks :,(

15. Kaitlyn - February 6, 2009

It’s tough. Hormones are raging, there is still SO much more to learn emotionally and physically. I’m sorry you’ve had such an awful experience. But keep in mind, we ALL go through this. It’s life. It’s learning. It can be quite a ride with all its ups and downs. As a Zen saying goes, we must experience the bad to enjoy the good. I look back at my ‘soured’ relationships, but I choose to learn from them because I could very well drive myself crazy thinking of all that was wrong. It’s good to get anger out, but don’t forget where you are going.
Best of luck to you sdpurtill,

16. Chris - May 20, 2009

Woowww, Well First i’d just like to give props to the poster of this little blog. I am typically one of those guys just like you who is Almost Alwayyyyyyyz right, actually my myspace name is “prove me wrong” ha but anywayz, i really don’t know whether people in highschool should date or not, i mean like that one lady said her and her husband were together in highschool and they made it wayyyy past just adulthood and it sounds to me like they are pretty happy with the way things turned out. i mean im sure they faught and stuff every couple does, but sometimes it just makes you stronger bonded. I sound more on the defensive for relationships, come see me on a bad day, ill give you cynicism like you’ve never believed.lol I have had my heart broken more times then the fragile little organ can take. im not quite sure if i have ever reallllyyy loved someone. i mean i told them i did and i felt like i did but maybe it was just deeeeepset infatuation. idk. and the whole you lose your friend thing. well that actually has some foundation. 1 your friends will get jealous if theyr used to hanging out with you exclusively like all the time. and shoot if your alwayz with your friends then your girl will get jealous and shit too. idk. i wasn’t planning on writing a freakin book on some random blog i found surfing the web. I was just thinking about my Current girlfriend. I reallyyy care about her. shess so cute and stuff. we have only been dating for 3 ish months, shes a freshman, im a junior. and ODDS are DEFINATELY against us. for me they alwayz are, me and some of my family joke that our whooole family came out of Gods rectum. shows how much he cares about us.(lol) (NOT saying i don’t beleive in god people aight ) but me and Kaydee have been dating for 3 months and its actually worked. i mean reallyyy well considering she lives 2 hours away. im actually driving there after school today and spending the night with her at her dads in Arlington, then im driving back at like 530 for school.lol really gay but hey whoever said life is short, so live it. well they hit the markk dead on. just think about somethings a little different. yeah heartbreak sucks blowing your money sucks getting treated like dog shit sucks, alwayz being right SUCKS, but im trying to give kaydee the benefit of the doubt. just think about that saying, Its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. its true.. i DISLIKE some of my exes with a passion. but i still had happy memories with them. they were real. each day a new memory, a new story, life is a book. i just wanna fill it with everything i can, and one thing, i never know when to tap. ill just straight up pass out. haa but for all i know. You could have it right, but i just think that highschool is a greattttt place for people to find each other. where else can you be surrounded by hot chicks of the opposite sex and just spend 7 ours there? work your busy trying to impress yor boss and stuff and thats about the only other place you could find people. clubing.? i don’t wanna pick up any bitches from a club, (skanks) (nooo offense) im into good girls but yeah i should really stop writing now, soorry bout the book, later bro

good luck

17. dating girls - November 22, 2009

Very usefull infomation. Thank you.
Keep it up

18. Jehoiachin - December 4, 2009

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19. Nathen - December 11, 2009

Haha ,this is what I want .It helps to my Oral English Test.

20. Nathen - December 11, 2009

Is dating in high school common in your country? I am a student from China .

21. Steve - February 4, 2010

why shoudln’t you have gf/bf while you’re in a highschool? i have a gf and i have time for her and my friends too….and believe me its not a waste of time…if you know how to organise your time everything’s gonna be fine,but if you don’t then you suck…

22. princelover64 - November 30, 2010

You are absolutley right because i dated in highschool and it ended badly. We had a huge arguement about his best friend liking me. We ended up braking up and he took a bat to my car. that was a last time i dated in highschool.

23. LOL Face - November 2, 2011

I think somebody needs to move out of their Mom’s basement. Just saying.

24. Schooling’s for Learning, not Dating « kassfrass357 - March 15, 2012

[…] as a high school student is not a healthy thing to be involved in. We need to focus, be diligent, and think about what matters most.Remember, […]

25. Robert - May 31, 2012

I think that personally, it is a waste of time to TRY and date EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY. Just let it happen naturally! If you meet someone you really like, then take a chance! If not, then don’t! You’ll be perfectly happy without a relationship as if you would be if you were in one! Your friends are there for you all the way through your high school life whereas if you have a relationship just for the sake of having one, it IS a waste of your emotions.

This is coming from a person in high school right now. It’s not that I can’t get a girlfriend right now, it’s that I haven’t met the right person and I’m not going to TRY, I’m just going to let it happen naturally, like nature intended. 🙂 I see people all over my school that always flirt and try way too hard to have a relationship. And when they DO get a relationship, it lasts 1 month or two MAX, and then it’s done.

At the same time, I know one couple that dated since Grade 7, and they broke up in Grade 10. They went out with each other for 3 years, but it just didn’t work out. Sometimes it doesn’t! It’s one of those things you have to want to take the chance, or you don’t! Either way, you will probably meet someone eventually. My parents didn’t meet until they were out of high school for about 2 to 5 years, so it’s proof that relationships in high school don’t always work out, but sometimes they do.

I can say this article makes sense to ME, because I don’t TRY and get a relationship; but if it happens, then I’m happy about it. :3 If not, I don’t care, I have lots of friends! Everyone has their own opinion on dating in high school, but the one thing I’d like to say is:

DON’T TRY TO DATE IN HIGH SCHOOL JUST FOR THE SAKE OF HAVING A RELATIONSHIP TO BE “COOL”. I know of so many people in my school that do that, and they’re developing a label for themselves like “slut” or “man-whore”. It isn’t worth the time or effort.

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