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Kids Camp 2006 (pt 1) July 9, 2006

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So I guess this will be my recap of one of the craziest weeks of my life… Kids Camp 2006: Operation Soul Saver

Monday Night

James and I go to WinCo at like 11:00 with Jeremy, Christy and Cailey and stock up on food. I get a ton of candy so I can get all my kids wired at night. We also get toilet paper and all that good stuff so we can go out in the wee hours of the morning muahahahaha…


I wake up around 8:30 (super early for me… come on now, it’s the summer). Get all my stuff packed, and then throw all the candy on top of my clothes. My bag feels like it weighs a thousand pounds! My mom takes my little brother and I to the church where we get signed in and start waiting for all the kids to show up.

Around 12:00, the parking lot became packed. Annoying little kids running around and already spilling their sodas on my bag. Fantastic. I met all the kids in my cabin, and to be honest, I thought it was going to suck. They all seemed like a bunch of intraverts/nerds. Not the type of kids I want to be with all week…

At 2:00, the buses finally rolled in and we left. The bus ride up was so much fun… It was just crazy. We arrived around 5 at Alliance Redwoods and everyone made their way to their cabins. As soon as all my kids got in the cabin, I realized that this week was going to be much funner than I had thought. The kids were already fighting! It was so much fun to watch hahaha…

We ate dinner and went to the night service, then we all went back and into bed. The night times were the best… I got to listen to a bunch of 10 year olds talk trash about everyone else’s moms. I remember trying to eat that night, and everytime I’d go to swallow, I’d start choking because I was laughing so hard. What a night!


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