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Here they go again June 19, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Uncategorized.

Microsoft’s has a new online app coming out, codenamed “Warhol.” Microsoft is doing it again; they’re launching a product that will 1) have a tiny user base 2) have barely more features than that of YouTube and 3) launch with so much hype that people will be let down. Why do they keep doing this? Even Google Video has been destroyed YouTube in online user posted videos. The thing that drives these sites is the user base. The more users, the more videos you’re going to get when you search for one. This makes people happy. When I’m searching for a video on Google Video, I’ll usually get 6-10 results, where as YouTube comes up with 20-30 every time. This has not only made me stop searching videos on Google Video, but I would never even think about uploading a video to that site. Microsoft just doesn’t understand; they are not a small startup, they are not an agile company. YouTube can change features and add features in a matter of days, whereas it would take Microsoft a few weeks. This is going to screw MS over in the end.


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