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AJAX… June 19, 2006

Posted by sdpurtill in Uncategorized.

I came across a comment from this recent Ajaxian.com post.

Thanks for the mention. I wrote the article as many Web 2.0 companies don’t appear to have any visible revenue streams. Who knows what the future holds, but for now these AJAX homepages can be filed under ‘cool / watch this space’, but not under ‘big bucks’.

The problem is that many Web 2.0 sites are developed because genius developers CAN develop them. Not because they should. And it is hard to know where to draw the line… is it about business, or is it about pleasure?

You’ve gotta love the technology – AJAX is supreme, from a user experience perspective. But I just wonder whether these sites will still be alive and kicking next year, or the one after.

Turns out Fold.com might be making some sort of resurrection – we’ll soon see. Let’s hope they extend compatibility to IE and grab more market share. And that it has some sort of revenue model…

This struck me; how many Web 2.0 companies can you think of that actually do have revenue models? The only one that comes to mind off the top of my head are the products by 37signals. But come on, how can you say that “Web 2.0 is just a fad”? I hear this all the time! So is Google, Microsoft and Yahoo build huge applications on passing fads? I don’t think so, these companies spend hundreds of hours researching the best technologies for their new applications. And, as Google has proved, Web 2.0 can be extremely powerful (Gmail, Calendar, Maps). So to all the people saying “Web 2.0 is just a fad”… Take a second to realize who’s using it first.

Another comment that really stuck out

“Come on now people!! Is a knife good or bad??

Ajax is a TOOL. This is as stupid as saying “All HTML pages are bad” …

This same stupid subject came up over and over again when flash was gettign popular. “Flash is bad” What a bunch of BS. Again its just a tool. It is what the developer does with the tool that is good or bad.”

Amen!!! I wonder why there is so much opposition to these new technologies? I remember having a “web development” teacher in 10th grade who would flip every time I would mention building an entire website in Flash. Yeah, maybe there is 15% of people that can’t view the site, but guess what? I’m not making my sites for people who are so computer illiterate they don’t even update their flash player. So many times, people focus in the minority of people who don’t have something, when in reality there’s some 85% of people that will be able to view the site. So quit looking at the glass half empty, you bunch of digital pessimists… 🙂



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